VERNOF Regulation on the recognition of labs

With the VERNOF conditions 2014 for cakes, chips and meals buyers have the possibility to invoke quality indemnification if this claim is based upon analysis at a lab which has been recognized by VERNOF.

Labs may be recognized by VERNOF if they:

1. Are both commercial and independent;

2. Score (absolute) z-values smaller than or equal to 3 in the most recent Trilogy Europe (formerly Ducares) ring test in the Weende analysis on feed stuffs or feed ingredients for all concerned parameters, using the methods of analysis as mentioned in the annex, whereby Method B (acidic hydrolysis) is prescribed for the determination of the fat percentage;

3. Have been certified according to ISO standard 17025.

Labs are eligible for the continuation of their recognition under the same conditions as those mentioned above; one z-value above 3 is allowed provided that (absolute) z-values lower than or equal to 3 are scored on the concerned parameter on the next occasion.

Labs that have lost their recognition at an earlier stage, are eligible for a renewed recognition if they score (absolute) z-values lower than or equal to 3 on all concerned parameters in the two most recent Trilogy Europe (formerly Ducares) ring tests in the Weende analysis on a feed ingredient of feedstuff.

Within two months after the publication of the Trilogy Europe (formerly Ducares) report labs will submit the following information to the secretariat, address as mentioned on this site:

1. Ring test results
2. Number of participation
3. A report on the methods of analysis which have been applied
4. A proof of certification according to the ISO standard 17025 for the methods of analysis in question.

VERNOF provides an Excel file to the labs per e-mail. The labs have to subjoin the requested information to this file and then return it to VERNOF.

Upon request VERNOF can acknowledge labs that participate in other ring tests than those of Trilogy Europe (formerly Ducares), in case these alternative ring tests are deemed to have equivalent performance.

Labs will receive a written answer to their request within six weeks of its reception by VERNOF.

If labs do not provide their ring test results within the abovementioned two months to VERNOF, they will be considered as no longer interested in being recognized. VERNOF has the right to discontinue the recognition of these labs. VERNOF will inform them about such a decision in writing.

The lab gives VERNOF official permission to check the abovementioned data (z-values, methods of analysis applied, ISO certification) in the lab’s administration at the lab’s office.

ANNEX to the VERNOF regulation recognition of labs concerning the methods of analysis to be applied